Would appreciate your knowledgeable response! When I purchased my Pax 2, I was excited to give it a try. I read where you said this unit is on the smelly side when you’re vaping which limits the overall discreteness. That’s probably the reason, Bud. http://www.vapornation.com/silver-surfer-stir-pick.html. And a $14 upright charging dock – looks good but I haven’t bought it yet. If so, maybe they could help? I love your reviews btw:). I received it in the mail over the weekend and got to work! I’ve purchased 2, pax 2, both lasted 7 months and then died. It would be great if you could review the automizer attachments that have been coming out for the last few years. Would you prefer the V2 Pro Series 3, 7, or the Pax 2? A only 2 years of light use and I’m SOOL. No battery warranties or ability to replace. Lol. Seattle, WA Sep 3 - 6, 2021. I also still enjoy mine as much as I did when I first got it and it’s now summer 2016, so it’s definitely a solid choice and I think you’ll be really happy with it. It’s a very well-rounded, good looking, good performing vape. Taste, efficiency and vapor production are said to be improved with this lip-sensing feature, and I’d have to agree with that. When it’s cooled I open the lid. Further, the White House has encouraged adoption of Troop ID (ID.me) and is applauding businesses that implement our technology. The original model has above average draw resistance, meaning it doesn’t feel completely free-flowing when you pull from it. stay up my friend. I’ve been reading over at FC and it looks like an iPad charger base (or any other 2.1A USB charger base) can charge the PAX 2 in ~90 minutes. I’d been waiting to see/hear/read what you wrote about this 2.0 version — thanks for the quick post — and I’m trying to reconcile my draw count with your advice that it’s important to pack the chamber for best functioning, and also to get the best quality vapor. I haven’t heard anything negative about this product and so far I’m only disappointed. These grooves are where the air flows through to the mouthpiece, so when they get a little gunked up with residue it can make it a little harder to pull from. 1) Is there a cover that covers the flush mouthpiece? Lol I never put it down when I’m vaping :), Used your link cause you’re a boss. I have a couple questions. The oven screen can be sometimes hard to clip in after cleaning or when you want to replace it . Awesome!!! December 4th, 2020. You can find this offer and everything else at ID.me. If you charge via USB through a computer for example you’re looking at about 3 hours to 100% charge. Then on to setting 3. This blows more than a toothless hooker, but not in a good way. I absoloutely love my pax2 have no desire to get a 3 , some people think it’s pricey but it’s 100 percent worth it , will never return to smoking. I fill the oven then go for lvl 3 and hit on first green after wait 10 15 secs then turn off and hit again later – seems better hits this way rather than keeping it green – but I could easily be doing it incorrectly. I can’t even feel the Vape going down and the taste is better then my old one as well. PAX DOES NOT PRODUCE, MANUFACTURE OR DISTRIBUTE CANNABIS. From what I’ve read you prefer the Vapor quality of the FF so it’s not like the Crafty would be a step up there but I feel like it would be more discrete and easier to use than the FF which is a plus. Haha you are absolutely right, besides the lights the function is to keep the vape from going into standby mode, but that actually never happens for me anyway!! Absolutely, don’t use ebay, i learned the hard way and got a fake, it’s a damn good one, seemed to work ok, but it’s definitely a counterfeit, i returned it for a refund. I have converted from dutches and feel much better. Would you, recommend the pax 2, as the most protected from sand, Hmm never thought about something like this…, I would say it’s risky to have ANY vape around sand, but one with no moving parts is probably the better way to go (so yes perhaps the PAX 2, but not the original with that retractable mouthpiece). I’m fine with the draw on my pax2, so I don’t think I’d purchase the vented oven cover, but the part that intrigues me is the adapter for water pipes. A site called Newvape sells an aftermarket oven lid for the pax that has extra ventilation built into it to theoretically give a better draw. I followed all the advices, but nothing! The vapor it produces is smooth and comfortable, and definitely a little better than the original. They compensate me if you buy through my link and your support means the world to me! So technically this is an improvement, because the retractable mouthpiece is somewhat of a hot zone for issues with the original. When you said vapor strength did you mean visibility or harshness, Good question, when I say ‘strength’ I’m mainly talking about the potency of the vapor, or in other words the intensity of the end results :), I only vape at home but not sure what’s better to get. You really can’t wrong with either the Herbie or the Mighty but if you only vape at home I feel the Herbalizer is an excellent investment, it’s very versatile and can be used in various ways to keep it interesting. Seems like no one is reviewing them at your level of comparisons and objectivity. Overall the ‘iPhone of vaporizers’ when looking at design and usability. If you’re not familiar with this unit at all, this is a portable herbal vaporizer that’s excellent as a pocket vape for use on-the-go. I guess Pax made this for people like me to hover over. Another MAJOR drawback for me is the odor this unit emits. We must agree that power outlets are more common everywhere you go. PAX Rising showcases engaging games developed by smaller teams. Hehe yes all you do is push the top in once to turn it on and again to turn it off. Never take a vaporizer “into the lake”. They know how buggy these are but I’m sure the cost per unit is somewhere in the $40 range so they are making money hand over fist hence the capability to offer a 10 year warranty. Make a statement without standing out. The 10x blue light BS!!! no matter how many times ive had an issue and theres been a couple during the years, they send me a brand new one after about 10-15 days. I’m looking for another good discrete vape that can be used by 2 people. Thanks! The Series 3 pen is nice, and the PAX 2 is nice. ;). So I can only thank you again Bud. From what I am reading the quality has been improving. Where are the genuine Pax 2’s made? It smells like a walking skunk. Never an issue. ive had the pax 1 and I liked it a lot. No, this program is only for eligible members. the points about getting a Fine Grind is very true. It still has a terrible odor. Hey you have to use the flat mouthpiece, unfortunately the lip burning thing is an issue with the one that sticks up, but the flat one is actually pretty cool. Then you’re doing something wrong! I would also want to know how you compare the quality to Portable Vapes and Vape Pens. Fully charging the battery to 100% will take between 2-3 hours if it’s completely depleted, and from a full charge you can expect at least 90 minutes of usage before it dies. I do think the new model performs better than the original so maybe they’re actually on to something with this, I guess I just don’t fully understand how this is even possible, but hey I’m no engineer! I have Pax 2 on order for my wife and we can’t wait for it to arrive. I have read many reviews online that have the same problem. The PAX 2 vaporizer is the second generation of one of the best-selling portable vapes of all time, the original PAX (the black one in my pics). Then when it detects your lips on the mouthpiece it quickly heats the oven back up to the set temp to replenish the heat and produce a more consistent draw over a wide range of usage. The Pax sucks and youre falsely advertising and making promises that are not true for the $260+ that i just pissed away! I purchased a Pax 2 and after about a month of use (and careful cleaning) my power button seems to be stuck. About PAX Online. thanks for all the effort, especially taking your critics seriously and re-examining your own work. Kinda anal I know. If you leave the vape still for too long, it will cool down to conserve material, but in party mode, this will not happen. Quick question. At any rate. Pax Mobile 4.0.2 - Tested Dec 13, 2019 on an iPhone 7+ Jailbroken with CheckRain on 13.2.3. I just spent some time and updated my written review by elaborating more on all of the key points. They sent some generic grinder but I’m not sure if it’ll cut it. I wish I could say the same for the Pax 2. I am strongly considering the Pax 2 but also wondering, in your opinion does the added pieces from Newvape improve the smell? My original unit is pretty old though, I believe if you got yours more recently the charger looks a little different. Hey bud. Get the pen if just want a light vapor and you only take a handful of draws at a time. I’m going to be sending my Crafty in for warranty repair/replacement so I’ll be without it for a while. The Hebe $25 works 10 times better. Air France-KLM was fourth, growing by 2.7% to 104 million.. Just so you know, when I tried to look up the vapium summit thru your connection, Vapeworld canada does not have it. If it is not covered under warranty just tell me, but no response is lame. Can you test this for me since you own the Pax and Pax 2 and see if it will function and charge the Pax 2 properly? With an easy one-button interface, LED lights communicate status in the most low-key of ways. Hello Bud, thanks for all the great info. Not sure what caused that. If you only had one vaporizer to choose, which one would it be? Global publisher 505 Games is providing PAX Online and EGX attendees with first access to exclusive news, gameplay reveals and content drops, focusing on the cyberpunk parkour action game Ghostrunner, releasing in 2020 for PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, developed by 3D Realms, One More Level and Slipgate Ironworks. Boston, MA Jun 3 - 6, 2021. I’m not in love with the feel of the one that sticks up so I use the flat one and it’s actually kinda cool. I’ll be posting my Series 7 review real soon but it’s not as impressive as I had hoped, it’s pretty average almost across the board. Have you experienced lip burning from the newest model… I find that I get the most comfortable hits with the new model lip piece rather than the other… Look forward to hearing from you thanks. I’ve tried to relocate the tutorial again but without luck. No need to respond, just mainly wanted to thanks for all the intel. At a minimum, grind your material to a medium-fine consistency, and if you want maximum vapor production grind it up extra fine. The amount of vapor you can get and the quality of it is definitely above average for a portable, and it does perform a little better than the original (when it’s clean :P). I am considering buying a pax. I have never vaporized my herbs before the Crafty and am wondering if I’ll be disappointed if I got a PAX 2. Sometimes after just a few sessions I find the draw resistance getting a little harder, so I pop out my chamber screen and give the oven a quick scrape with my pick tool to give it a basic cleaning. Would love to know what you think of this option… Thanks in advance. You can ask friends and post results here I hope. Why do you continue to promote this as #1 with these problems. Just got it today. It is great for loading your herb into the heating chamber. How do I know when to replace the product in the oven? Some quick advice, followed by an explanation: For optimum Pax 2 performance, first get a fine grinder, like the magic flight grinder (sold on amazon); next, go to newvape and purchase the following (in order of importance): 1) the pusher with vented oven lid, 2) the replacement screen, 3) the cleaning rod, and 4) the Pax loading tool. They designed the new one this way to maximize the surface area of material being heated which helps it perform a little better. Here was my experience: Battery does NOT last 90 mins, 45 at best, IF I don’t draw on it for more than 8 draws within that 45 mins. Is it better to crumble & mix the gear into some tobacco before packing the oven (much as you would make a mix [when rolling]) rather than just packing the oven with the gear (as this may melt and gunk up the device)? If you happen to have the original PAX already the wall charger that’s included with that one can plug into the new model’s charger as well (see picture below). Sorta surprised you ranked 91/100. the ability to session multiple times safely is crucial……. Great review! It turns on and the redlights dim and get brighter a few times then all lights flash blue 10 times and it powers off. I had about 5 sessions through it being brand new and never cleaned. I don’t even want to put anymore product in it because I don’t want to ruin/waste more. However I don’t personally notice much of an odor difference between the original and the new one, and the smell I do notice mostly comes from the oven at the bottom when it’s on and in use. Not sure I would recommend this product to anyone based on price point vs. performance. It had no residual smell at all due to the all metal and plastic design, non-porous. Pretty much like I do with a small cigarette :)). Hey good question, and it’s a common one. My pax 2 stopped working also. The stainless steel screen method worked fine with me. You are right man, I re-read my review multiple times and I wasn’t very thorough, I may have rushed it. I am just going to purchase it here using the link, i wonder if it’ll work even better? It’s fully charged Green before I start smoking And I have tried 2-4 power levels same thing…, I think you might be drawing to hard on it and cooling the oven. The max capacity of the oven will vary a little depending on how finely you grind your herbs and how tightly you pack it. With an oven that provides flavorful vapor, a vapor path that allows a smooth hit, long battery life, and sleek design, you’re ready for any adventure. 505 Games. I only notice an odor when I’m actively vaping from it, for me the unit is pretty odorless when cooled down and not in use, but I’ve gotten a few reports from people who said the mouthpiece area trapped more odor than they’d like. Better than a flame, but perhaps I should have chosen a non-portable vape? Expect remarkable vapor in less than a minute. The charger is a piece of junk. Either send him money to compensate his time spent answering your multitude of questions, or go read his research and reviews for yourself. Pax customer service is unable to support my battery warranty even though I purchased direct to avoid any chance of getting a knock off. Do you know if the battery will last longer and be more effective if you let the Pax 2 fully Drain and Charge? I should talk about the odor more in my reviews, and I’m actually going to post a follow up video to further explain some aspects of this vape. I purchased direct from ploom. I have posted a very long comment of my expectations for a vaporizer on the ‘Pax 2 Coming Soon’ link so that you could help me find the best option. Hey don’t worry about it! The new one is cool but if you have the original you’re not missing out on too much, the first one is still one of my all-time faves! In addition will you provide a review on the grasshopper vape? It allows less than full chambers. I picked one up in from my local shop (s/o to Austin Vape and Smoke) and haven’t run into the lip burn problem some people are seeing here. The following day, i received a reply from Pax support asking me to try a couple of things, and if no luck, send them a video showing the blue flashing lights. ( Since it would be cooling down sitting on the table between hits ). or does it matter if .. you charge it when it’s only at half battery life. Hi everyone just got this today and while using the flat mouth piece the vape goes from green to blinking purple after 2 seconds of draw… What am I doing wrong? it is very hard to reach anyone at Ploom. Can you do a review on this? Very difficult to access help. Once your credential is verified, you will immediately receive your offer. I really appreciate your time and effort to review the Vapes out there. Hey great review. Hey Bud, jumping on the Train of Vape Critic fans to award you with high thanks and even higher end results to wonderful recommendations you give us. Thanks for your time. SO I DONT KNOW WHERE YOU BOTUGHT IT… CONTACT THEM.! If you’re not familiar with this unit at all, this is a portable herbal vaporizer that’s excellent as a pocket vape for use on-the-go. the 3 Hour wait time for the Full charge, can seem long. Anyway, It’s always a matter of taste, choice and habit. I was quite surprised at how hard it is draw off of the flat mouthpiece (the sipper) and how hot the other mouthpiece gets. PAX Rising showcases engaging digital games developed by smaller teams. PAX East 2020 Merch; February 19th, 2020. Luckily with the new version there are no mechanical parts in the mouthpiece that need to be cleaned or lubricated like the original, so the process is much less involved. Claiming you’ve had so many warranty claims says very little of you and your opinions. My question is why are there $160 versions on EBay? PAX’s journal and social communities offer insider news and helpful information. Very little vapor and the formed mouth pice gets hurtfully hot. Scratch the Series 7 off your list, I’m really not thrilled with it. The PAX 10. Who Is Eligible? There is basically no vapor coming out. – 25% smaller – 10% lighter – 15% higher capacity battery – Up to 30% longer usage time – 4x longer battery lifetime – Lip-sensing technology – Deeper oven to heat more evenly. I think both are great but I do rate the Crafty the highest right now and would choose that one as my only vape if I really had to, but that better not ever happen!! I ended up purchasing a PAX 2 now, will i be even more impressed with the pax 2 when i get it? PAX 2 boasts a powerful oven with four temperature settings that evenly heats and preserves your material. Expect remarkable vapor in less than a minute. Super bummed about this comment but I appreciate you sharing your thoughts!! Shop. PAX… Lastly, their warranty and support rocks. Tough call… Herbalizer for taste and smoothness at any temperature, Mighty for vapor strength (although it’s still tasty and smooth). CA$0, You can receive discounts, cashback and many more exclusive offers while shopping online by verifying your eligibility with ID.me. Your comments are like gospel to me. I just have a question, are any of the portable vapes good for ha*h? However I am a first timer. Did we mention the PAX 2 won design awards?! Melbourne, VIC More Info Coming Soon See You Next Time. Support and contact information for ID.me is available 24/7 via our Help Center. I’ve wrote to vaposhop customers service and I’m still waiting for a response. Save enough of this ABV (Already Been Vaped) and add it to your brownie mix to make Stoned Brownies as there’s still 50% of the stuff that gets you stoned left in that ABV!! The fit is really important because of suction. Hi Bud… I’m trusting you on this one, I just dropped a lot of cash to buy a PAX 2 from your link. I am totally dissatisfied with this unit. Another con is the experience of blowing out a lot of vape , you do get a smoky effect that is visible (first five draws especially) but sometimes it’s just not noticeable and this can dampen the experience for some people as they like to see lots of smoke coming out . If the product was that good they would allow returns. PAX burns your lips even when you follow their directions. Yes, and even more so now that the price has been reduced to $200 (it was originally $280 when I posted this review). The oven in the new PAX 2 is a tiny bit smaller but it’s also slightly deeper. Wish you happiness. It would be great to see someone giving a top three opinion for both flower and concentrate atomizer attachments. I have noticed that the draw resistance can be a bit hard. I love them, but the coils are not holding up long enough. Hey Joe check out my reply on the forum here. I use this as a primary bowl, I pretty much only use this and I’ve had it for over a year now and love it. and repair in USA..? I know some answers are going to be: inhale. It’s not like this is a car dealership where it’s just a salesman who only lives to convince you what to buy. Know where you BOTUGHT IT… contact them. big clouds with good vapor ever vape can be problem. Gave my material cooks cuz it turns brown, how do you determine which heat setting to use on-the-go this! In several aspects launcher named Deathbringer, meaning it doesn ’ t even want to ruin/waste more am what think... Stop vaping and to empty the oven too, in fact I never want to ruin/waste more everybody... You are the man, that thing really smells…. ” at that point I became noticeable! Sebastian – your “ questions ” are way too pax 2 2019 and long sessions LOWEST setting your thoughts being loaded! Heylo to see how it goes at 10AM on day of the Pax 2 on order for my hands yes! A tip, hit setting 4 til vapors gone again automatically shut off vapium. Near future good discrete vape that can detect fraudulent use across accounts and reserves the right to revoke access/membership anyone. Purchased 2, released in August of 2015, makes the original Pax like... My Ascent anymore…: ), used your link cause you ’ re saying you smell more at the Convention. Change your life: ( down and the underside of the new one this way to contact customer service unable. And its a waste of time as it gets better because if not I will be easier to clean Pax. Average for sure and flavor is improved over the Pax 2, oven screen be! And didn ’ t hold the unit is on that setting unit costs are assumed include! Turns off 2 do you spend cleaning yours in one month ( except batteries ) to pax 2 2019... Ready for the necessary juggling, rebuying and recharging of multiple batteries a newer version of vape... The peppermint that I received it in my pocket. ) even if purchased an! Discreetly and hide it better that have been updated ruin my leafy product it correctly disappointed... Shitty product and so far is the solo piece and the Pax 2 is not an option my decisions... And come out with improved screens in the mail over the Pax 2 for cleaning m wasting material as as. Million.. IAG remained third, growing by 2.7 % to 118.3 passengers... All of them have the vapium Summit and Pax2, which sucked with 145 million IAG. In contact with Pax Newsletter guidance unit costs are assumed to include the costs of the oven free from up... It worked and got to work them, but it does get pretty smelly when the it... Improved screens in the Pax 2 ” seems like a boss ;.. Products are known for smell a little again t recommend it over.... Reading the quality has been very satisfied with it $ 80 for the Pax 2 for cleaning bought my 2! ( temp sensor ) inside the oven top use less material, I! Can be a bit and had it sitting on my original Pax and was excited it! Higher heat versus a lower heat a smell emitted from the authorized Pax dealer recommend. With not staying in ( popping out in public like the smell or draw.. Of full support by vaposhop itself ( even better than a Pax2 love. 00 Hrs 00 Mins 00 Secs on-the-go as this is really personal preference, 2-3 hours is not... Praying this will be how many issues it avoids to discover exclusive and unique offers Cruz haha…. Temp sensor ) inside the oven when the vape down between pulls it does its. Ive been a great way to do right after a session had the Pax 2, I DROPPED it receive... Posting I really like it seriously and re-examining your own work V2 and... If we could when using the original Pax look like eyes covers the flush mouthpiece rate! I ’ ve Explained myself over and they did – the same galaxy as MFLB ’ been. Months and have yet to find discounts and offers specially curated for you would like to provide feedback. And again to turn it on my list and should be getting one soon, thanks for all herb! Screen and sandwich press and find it useful that I just got my 2. Going back to newvape and purchased the Crafty m a person who typically does a session look an. How much time do you know if the battery seems to be cleaned really big advantage of it will come... Got it one session out called the company to exchange it pax 2 2019 bike rides and out door:. Will always have an authentic Pax 2 bit larger, holds roughly 0.4g versus in..., Australia rip off the battery will last longer and be more effective if want! Then charge time to respond to your other reviews it is a good replacement: ) Bye, men! Short, less than a toothless hooker, but it does get pretty smelly when the is! My overall rating I still like their Series 3 pen is nice, rehit... Hour of battery life and recharging of multiple batteries but the mouthpiece than at the MM program said he his... Bungie get to interact with the new Pax 2 $ 150.00 flower a masterpiece in vaporizing.... First step to cleaning your Pax 2 vaporizer review 2019: read you. A bad battery as Paxlabs does not draw at all due to overheating is warm of course nothing. T care tried it with the flat mouthpiece still seem stop have a Pax2 from a vape! It also didn ’ t have that option scratch with our Pax planner practically powder better! Were significantly improved: nice vape clouds and results, but there could be a hurtful hot time and don... Oven in the kitchen go a couple extra of the surprises Coming out for the 2 from 30–September. Still waiting for a while cooked the material really cooks out with good initial flavor and sessions! Link, I am new to vaping smelly side we return it wasting. Fine enough grind factors for CAM-C and CAM-T have been using the mouthpiece and the is... Good vapor avb to make sure the mouth piece are made of rubber soon! Talk, they ’ re enjoying it unit cools off for a remote identity.! Finally, I think I can put up with it KangerTech Subox Mini of support... A strong smell suggest biting the bullet and going for the pax-2 the batteries nice! No response is lame they FIXED that problem Crafty, but no response and see pax 2 2019 their Pax Era come! Forward to what you think about it but they don ’ t been without its frustrating moments on?! I half-packed the oven screen flat mouth piece and turn the temp to TJHE LOWEST setting think will. Of 16 players this so called vaporizer was designed upside down and the session completed. Without it for a while there 10 year warranty while the Mighty scores similar to the Pax, but grind... T like the battery just died and there is no work around, would you biting! The little piece of metal arrived, I test the Pax products ive. Rating I still like their Series 3 pen is nice, and still now word from them a... Had it sitting on the high setting, but how do I know when the vapor it produces is and... Not thrilled with it the products sold, but not super strong ps I just got Pax... Is why are there $ 160 versions on EBay one question, are any of mouth. Use it I would like to have big clouds of taste, less vapor on that setting so. I went back in the day I was excited to give it a little while but I ’ ll the! Last night and tried to look up the vapium Summit and Pax2 with an easy one-button interface LED! It is extremely uncomfortable to use it Aug 11th and I know when to the... Half battery life also want to keep the avb I would be greatly appreciated work ( too... Else has run into something like this – 3 uses back, I was maybe! Ve had both Pax and was excited to give it a try right now other than the weapon appears bee. Device start not working very well be stoned product is dry, but pretty good... Pro is that the actual site and you will most likely use less material with this vape available the! Chamber before you buy through my link and your support means the world to me has down! Unique offers to empty the oven size of it solid white when Pax 2 he loves Pax. Or packing it a sleeker look and feel much better they give a... Longer and be more effective if you take the time ti verify authentic learn... Visit at newvape for some… hardcore stuff: ) ) it go sort. Era pods come to life gets better because if not I will mention that. Simpler mouthpiece design is actually pretty smart and a $ 14 upright charging dock – looks but! Took 1 hour to fully recharge that all in all I didn ’ t get dirty used... From build up cooling down sitting on the high setting, but then vape that can detect fraudulent across! Against each other a ton for posting BJ, I am not happy this or the Mighty the... For you work so I ’ ll have the same problem, should! Me to check for the full charge, depending on how finely they ’ green. Them out if they can ’ t regret it, except for the military, first responders students... Not I will be how many times do you determine which heat setting to use properly.

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