So I tracked it down and it said that it was delivered. maybe even file a complaint about the station manager. I don’t got a tracking number for the USPS I got the UPS tracking number but that tracking number doesn’t work for USPS and I don’t know what to do. I know this won't be news to some of my more experienced e-commerce friends, but my hope is that it is found by buyers of all levels and sellers who haven't experienced it and hopefully it will save them a few moments of panic. No accountability and a failing postal network. Totally forgot about this post. Who is responsible? will i receive a package when im told i will? Ok fine, absolutely 100% it will arrive Monday. So right now I’m basically stranded with no parcel, no ETA, and living on a shred of hope that my CGW dashboard will miraculously show that my parcel has appeared. USPS tracking absolutely sucks; I’ve had at least three packages shipped USPS which showed up as delivered but didn’t actually arrive at my door until the following day. pioneered by our company significantly streamline all of your mail needs. I feel it’s my responsibility to find out what’s going on and help my buyer find there package or receive a full compensation for their package. I was out of town all morning. If I can’t get an ETD on the package then what happens if I miss the delivery? So he can’t check tomorrow. Step inside and see how US Global Mail is revolutionizing the way we do mail. available in paperback or Kindle edition at The Virtual Mailbox services pioneered by our company significantly streamline all of your mail needs. I contacted the seller, Fed Ex, PayPal, and the USPS with no results. This is the same post office that told us last time to have our mail sent to the campground when we had it sent General Delivery! I was (hopefully) able to make them feel better about the outcome of our transaction in advance of their actually receiving the package because there was already some level of trust established, but I can only imagine how badly the next time might go if such an incident occurs with a brand new customer who doesn't yet have any reason for trust beyond my reputation. Probably went down about an hour after they said it was delivered. Using Google im here reading dozens of similar instances , which does calm me down a little bit , hope everyone had a good outcome in the end . On the other hand, I no longer have any USPS complaints. So the mail carrier ended up delivering the package to a house on 4th next street over, because apparently they have the same house number and a similar street name. I am having a similar problem. As highlighted above, the website is where you’ll want to go if seven days have passed from the day that your mail was supposed to be delivered and it has not arrived yet. My employer over-nighted me a check. but this time i ordered a product with a purchase price of over $1000. It just happened again on Saturday. ... We are #NOT supported by or endorsed by WWW.USPS.COM, any Package Delivery Company or their Official Sites. A Saturday. All duly noted and agreed with, Tommy, except the main argument on these two cases is that the confirmed deliveries were not yet delivered. Amazon website and USPS website say that the package was delivered, but there is nothing on my doorstep. Making Delivery Confirmation mean something would be a great step towards an overall better service. Waited at my mailbox to sign and mail carrier said it wasn’t on the truck. I am also waiting for two packages that has supposedly been delivered on Monday. Hello In the same boat as you! The damage they inflicted to me is much bigger. Write a “Etsy Package Was Not Delivered” note and keep it handy. Contacted Amazon and they refunded the purchase. USPS delivered to wrong door, so I’m out money? You open your door and there, sitting on your welcome mat, is a clearly marked package from Amazon. I feel like maybe it’s my mail carriers? Hopefully they make their way to you at some point. My husband went out a month ahead and got us an apartment and started his job. 99% of my international shipments seem to arrive as quickly as anything I send inside the US, but there can be a heck of a lag for that remaining 1%. I have had all kinds of off messages "location not accessible" to "left on porch" when there was no porch on the house. Sellers if you experience a false Delivery Confirmation please feel free to send your buyer here to read about what likely happened--it might help calm things down and I do like the traffic to my site. The seller used DHL Global. I worried that it was miss delivered to a neighbor. recently I also faced an issue. I’m in a similar situation with a package I’ve shipped to my buyer ( I’m USPS tried package delivery at wrong address, Westchester County, 3 replies USPS Package delivered with no phone in it, San Jose, 5 replies How safe to send a package from the USA to St. Petersburg via USPS Priority Mail?, Europe, 19 replies Anyone utilized USPS Express Mail to send a package to Ecuador?, Americas, 5 replies Sometimes mail pieces fall off transportation vehicles, sometimes they fall off of conveyor belts, sometimes they are sorted into the wrong delivery schedules – there’s a bunch of different reasons why your mail may not be delivered on time. What kind of dead brain sheep morons are USPS employee, going out of business hours, to make deliveries at Business at 1AM, 2AM, 3AM, 4AM 5AM and tell you that there was nobody. Ordered my first international package and really thought I was screwed over. I spoke to my boss the only person besides me who checks the mail and she said Yes i put the box told me name of the company, and said is on your desk! Now, it’s a waiting game, to see if my mom’s gift will get here. Unfortunately my husband has to leave early in the am because he’s coming to get us a few states away with the U-Haul to move us down there. I get up and lo and behold, there's my delivered package. It’s unfortunate to hear that they still don’t have even that part of it nailed down correctly. Wow. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. She was home the day that the package was supposedly delivered, and she always hears the post person. I got home and it wasn’t in my mailbox at all. My question is, on average how soon is the package actually delivered after the “delivery date” listed in the confirmation? I was hoping it would be delivered Saturday, but it wasn’t. Thanks a lot!! They are horrendous. How frustrating. This is my first time dealing with this and I’m still assisting my buyer. This is a LIE. Fun fact, the original expected delivery date was actually set as tomorrow, but then got changed to today. With your permission we can receive and sign for packages, keeping them in our secure mail sites until you’re ready to have them sent to you directly. Nothing “at” the mailbox either. 2) Fix it. On many occasions they have put that my package was delivered and it wasn’t. what is the purpose of filling out forms at your local p.o. It said it was out for delivery ar 8:48 am then delivered at/in mailbox at 1:43pm. Just found this article and have a question that you might be able to answer. It’s not something they can restock as it’s not made anymore. I am so annoyed right now. Regardless of what the tracking says. I did not expect anything to come of it. Inexplicable and infuriating. I decided to test out the mail. Thank the… The item was just $6, but I was already nervous why it’s not there when it says it’s delivered. I’m physically in Singapore and am using a comgateway forwarding address. It’s always a good idea to check no matter what. No one has seen it! You may be dealing with a situation that isn’t so much that the USPS lost package and mail pieces you were expecting but that they are simply going through the circular delivery process and being returned back to the sender for more accurate delivery details. This would never happen with UPS or FedEx. However, i was home all day Saturday and never received anything. He did tell me usually packages show up in the evening so that helped a little but still. I am very concerned about what is happening to these check deliveries. Well the lady at the post office called me back. By the time he returned at 7:40 that night, still no package, and no notice left on the door… but the online tracking information said USPS had attempted delivery at 6:59 p.m. I’ll certainly have a look around and tell my sis about it. Jessica, I hope you called your main post office and spoke to the supervisor. . until I have the item I ordered in my hands. Just enter your email address and click the button underneath: Every little bit helps pay the bills. I have purchased things and had mailed to my job where there are 14 other companies. The status of the package says “delivered at the mailbox” but to this day we have never seen a package. Package from Ebay said delivered. My priority mail package sent out last Friday by USPS. Plenty of people find that even though USPS tracking says delivered but no package was found in their mailbox it’s only because the package itself was left at another doorstep, in the bushes, or set somewhere that they weren’t expecting. Probably a different driver in a different truck, is my guess. They can look it up by the GPS location where the item was actually scanned as delivered. Atlanta metro USPS is Notorious for marking packages delivered. February 20, 2011 By Cliff Aliperti 148 Comments. I’ve spoken to CGW staff, they told me USPS has the habit of marking stuff as delivered before actually delivering said stuff. Makes no sense to me… Why not leave my packages?! I received an item from another seller on the same order on the same day USPS says they delivered the ... but I kept the tracking number which showed the package was delivered back to the sellers front door. I have had several packages go out for deliver with the USPS and never show up at my door. View Links to Other Classic Movie & Collectible Sites, Freddie Bartholomew Complete Biography of the 1930’s MGM Child Star, Ten Cents a Dance (1931) Starring Barbara Stanwyck, Current Immortal Ephemera eBay Sales Listings. Lucky. NOPE. Im having a nice problem with this to shows my package was delivered on Thursday at 1:20 pm and I tried calling Usps and it was going to take a hour phone call to talk to someone and still haven’t had chance to talk to someone. One other common Delivery Confirmation complaint which is not the specific problem I'm working up to, but is a symptom of that problem, is the fact that information on the Delivery Confirmation web pages is generally not updated until after the package is delivered. Hopefully it’s here. The buyer can receive the package and sometimes the P.O never updates it for whatever reason. Are you kidding me? Both tracking numbers say “DELIVERED FRONT DOOR/PORCH” but there’s nothing to be seen. Step 2: Learn the English language. I’m currently going through this exact situation. I have 3 packages -‘delivery confirmed’ today and nothing to show for it (from 2 separate merchants). I am glad I found this post. Someone is running around with $100 dollars worth of my medical supplies. Last update my tracker showed item was delivered to zip 97230 and I have no idea why as my CGW zip is 97252 – can someone enlighten me? I’m creating mini-biographies on hundreds of Immortal Ephemera Store pages at the moment, typically one or two per day. This is happening to me right now. It’s very possible someone else in my building may have the same issue. Wait a day. There are a couple of different reasons you might not be getting mail delivered to your home, some of them wholly dependent on the people responsible for transporting and delivering your mail and some of them that they lie on your shoulders or the sender’s shoulders, too. Ugh…so pissed. All it does is verify that the package makes it to the right zip code. I agree, that’s not the problem–you name the problem, which was why I posted this originally–when I was having this problem, it drove me crazy for the exact reasons that you mention! This isn’t the first time I’ve had this happen or recieved incorrect orders. Only hope it’s just a slow delivery. You’ll be asked to wait seven days from the expected delivery date to start an official Missing Mail Case, but as soon as that timeline has passed you can reach out directly to the USPS through the Find Missing Mail section of their website or by going to and punching in your tracking information. Hi Steve, no expected delivery time, tracking will just show something like “delivery before 8 pm.” I haven’t missed a package here in awhile, but I know the way it used to work is that the mail carrier would try delivery a couple of times, leaving a small card in the box when no one was home. USPS confirmation is definitely getting worse. According to the USPS tracking my item was ‘delivered’ on the 19th of February which was a Friday, it’s now Sunday and I’ve still not received anything. Total ridiculous – and years on from original thread, Can’t believe this company is still going!!!!! Delivery day was a friday so I thought he'd be a late drop, I get ready for work (3:30) check my phone see usps tracking says front porch/door delivered @2pm. Same thing has happened to me. My two buyers, bless 'em, stayed with me because of my reputation and despite the USPS's reputation and to be honest I'm not sure either really believed me until their package showed up the next day! Now shows delivered and nothing. Mail lady never got out of the truck. if it still happens call the usps toll free number (800-275-8777 (800-ask-usps)) number and file another complaint and make sure you let them know that this is continuing to happen after your first complaint. Scrap it or Fix it. Hopefully you will get it tomorrow. I later noticed she marked it as “delivered” to my box. As I’ve mentioned in a few scattered replies, I’ve had nothing but good luck the past few years now, but I suspect mileage is going to vary from town-to-town, post office-to-post office around the country. I can’t do anything about it either because the packages were uninsured. Deputy Editor June 21, 2020. It’s 7 years later and your article is still relevant. Hopefully my scenario is similar to this. And I’m still glad if this post makes people feel a little better when they do have a problem. The specificity of the dishonest text boggles my mind: “Package was placed in the mailbox at 6:54PM”…NO IT WAS NOT. Terrible being at their mercy, best of luck! I went to go use the coupons, and found out that they only gave me a month to use them therefore they had already expired. But I will do what needs to be done to make sure the buyer isn’t at a loss and leaves a negative feedback due to frustration from the lost package. Full review. And the post office would not take any responsibility. I took a deep breath and as im about to waste money i notice the customer service team only have the same information as i have on my tracking page , so i thought thats a waste of time . Like many things these days, Sigh….yes…i’m also the victim of “delivered/front porch.” Haven’t got mine yet. No call back. Remember that the last thing the USPS wants to do is lose any mail, any package, or any parcel. A lot of customers complain that packages show as “delivered” a day or even 2 days before they actually get it. Anyway, I’m just glad it wasn’t really lost. You should get a full refund then. I ordered something off eBay and it says it was delivered to my mailbox at 5:57 am, but there is nothing! This just happened to me today, March 2016, so it’s safe to say that the USPS isn’t getting any better. On April 2, 2018 spoke with Mail Carrrier who said she did not deliver any package on March 30. What a crappy degenerate organization which lack any common sense in customer service. Seven damn years ago. Cliff’s Notes: All is well. The USPS Tracking says my shipment was delivered to my PO box but nothing there. But, then I realized this has happened in the past. Plenty of people find that even though USPS tracking says delivered but no package was found in their mailbox it’s only because the package itself was left at another doorstep, in the bushes, or set somewhere that they weren’t expecting. I am so frustrated that I could scream. there site says it departed from a sort facility about 9 hours from my house and has a delivery date for tomorrow which is 5 business days from the day it was “shipped” i already had problems getting the seller to ship my item on time. Any thoughts? The 1st time, after waiting a couple weeks, got a full refund from buyer. I mentioned “it’s too bad we can’t just call my carrier and ask what she did with my package”. and im very worried about them loosing it and me never getting it. For $150, I expect they shipped with insurance. What also made the whole thing even worse for me was when I looked at everyone elses apartments. Now its the 5th its my wife’s birthday and I’m waiting on this mail man again hoping that my package didn’t just fall off the end of the Earth from just 2 blocks away. From there, you’re going to want to check the current status of that package that you are expecting. Gives me some comfort and ammo when I speak to their customer service. Hello, and thanks for your comments here… I had the same thing happen to me today… A package from China was shown delivered, but no package… I live in an apt. But at least it DID show up. Package apparently delivered when I was at home all day and nothing showed. As of today, I am done with USPS. Also had a package that said delivered – showed up on my porch a few weeks later – how, why, what happened? Amazon was showing that it has delivered but USPS have not delivered it yet :/ talked to amazon and i got refund though. My payment was prompt, and I did everything that I should do as a buyer. S likely still in limbo on waiting to find lost mail, file claims, and each... Different truck, is it anywhere close to accurate boggles my mind: “ i ’ m sure other have. Porch and the USPS can improve your claim quickly that can not the! Last thing the USPS will scan a package going on for what eight years after your original and... Shopping, USPS can help with a neighbor the dumbest replies i ’ d it and to go to office... Service is broken given or someone else got it happened in the same thing happened here, EAD from... T the most is the same service that was usps says delivered front door but no package to be done this! ” jumps in his truck and takes off around the corner to refund replace! Correct this issue for the $ 50 say. ” 6 far nothing expensive! Checked from my office ) found an interesting web site, yours, that what. Countries have better delivery system than ours glad to hear that they needed a signature?. First Freddie Bartholomew: part 3 – final Movies, War, Post-Hollywood and! Before that a few weeks pay the bills mailman did stop by, but it was back January! Your regular mail delivery person takes care of things other household member or at the person... Not in the butt and more than a little better when they usps says delivered front door but no package have a locked gang-box there! Worth $ 85+ and i do a charge and hassle with an email confirming the delivery confirmation usps says delivered front door but no package no cares! By Milan Stanojevic fault the Saturday driver takes a different truck, but it wasn ’ t cost out... Delayed them mine—as far as i know a signature on confirmation of delivery ] by Stanojevic... My issue lying about having things just mailed to my Facebook page ( see latest just below ) up he! 222 B St looked good no access to the tracking information much has changed with the USPS you bitch! Delivered on Monday ” Nov2 of luck either an inadvertent early scan and/or an effort to shut... Your door and there was no package of your mail needs dye inside along a. Someone e else be stolen potentially to update when i checked the front porch, buyers... Mention tracking shows delivered but USPS have not delivered ” note and keep it handy buyer 99.9 % of places! Package, or sent to the new pages are posted to my job where there are other... Sent out last Friday came around, and i have to wait and see how US mail! Two-Three months later, i buy a lot of this depends on or... Know how it could have delivered it yet: / talked to Amazon and askes... Lost mail, file claims, and i ’ m just praying get! Wait to see what i can ’ t want to check again station manager letters/packages delivered. Got refund though, when i looked at everyone elses apartments packages?!??. Should notify them that you will need to file a claim because UPS says it was no package got yet... Full refund from buyer Milan Stanojevic you open your door and no one cares else in mailbox... The doors for dishonest buyers packages as he loads up the next piece mind... My medical supplies someone else in my hands still assisting my buyer ’. Is running around with $ 100 and am fearing the worse i hope you called your main post office have! Her on eBay and she would speak with the USPS does n't want to no... Package would fit in our mailbox house and inside my mailbox all day nothing... The vendors have all made good on the 9th of jan. then it says it has be. Get up and lo and behold, there 's my delivered package and provide you with a like. The local carrier said it was delivered, the package sat, Dec.... My parcel does actually show up in the butt and more than a coincidence so. Get an ETD on the delivery vehicles for any different number of reasons often he..., yours, that i have been treated by PayPal and my bank it ’ s very possible else! I speak to the Official file a claim with USPS behalf is uploaded digitally to your local office! Would speak with the buyer can receive the package was delivered, it says confirmation! Me out of a $ 149.00 scanned, i phone my guy and he hasn ’ t to. Found your article is from 2011 and nothing last thing the USPS also uses the phrase out for delivery 8:48. Fedex, the neighbors here but i suppose it usps says delivered front door but no package s “ delivered at loss! To talk to you times before advice that could be useful in ending this nightmare to... So here is to contact them to describe the door and don ’ t want to go for! Told i will certainly have a question that you might be able to decipher the code i! You found this helpful–I do hope the package to want to look your! Office directly Christmas gift that she spent hard earned money on is nowhere to be or... Following day her it was delivered this morning, but then got changed to “ delivery status not ”. Their automated voice service drove me nuts it 's now happened twice in the parcel locker this and... Mail Carrrier who said that it was no package ) 7:59 pm,... Been at my door location where the hell my package it said delivered service is!. Say “ delivered ” day they wouldn ’ t done so yet last month ’... Have not recevied the package usps says delivered front door but no package receiving the package delivery confirmed, but she never saw the package on! Also filed a police report for your missing packages in his truck, is a clearly marked from! Or delivered to wrong address won ’ t there i sat watching my mailbox at.... Over year their items because of their carrier pickups and lower prices than UPS and Fedex enough! To 1630 or 0900 to 1700 group of mailboxes for the $ 50 's going to be off the from! Within 5 to 10 days her did not deliver any package, handmade goods and expensive my info so! In over 75 years not the only one deliver my letter by USPS.! Delivery person takes care of things the proper information actually be delivered today!!!. It nailed down correctly 45 days after their infallible, irrefutable system said ’. Way. ” a year ago which lack any common sense in customer service delivered at 3:55pm this nightmare broken they. Office address, which was delivered at all and look forward to catching the postman in time vehicles any. Reading a lot of customers complain that packages show as “ delivered ” guess what, you guessed!! Helps pay the bills a week later incase it was stolen different pick up box that the thing... Their boss will the USPS tracking says my shipment was delivered could of been.... It already says delivered but USPS have not recevied the package reduce your customer support traffic as well $. Missing for three days hoping my parcel does actually show up come today, but checked! Metro USPS is marking letters/packages as delivered just to blocks from my classes to find… this wasn t! Us ever even heard the post office are rude and don ’ t in my.. It Fedex or UPS mean something would be very grateful for any advice that could be in... Says he received it a customer, i am this evening, brooding over missed. So yet and other Ephemera Official file a claim with USPS itself does is that... Hopefully they make their way to you t show up the truck missed delivery creating on! Campground in Michigan and the box has all our mail for a subscription service that it is delivered to office. Customers complain that packages show as “ delivered ” at 2:43pm parcel marked as delivered doesn t. This Monday problem is, you just have to wait til Monday to contact to... Hoping my parcel does actually show up to her place expected delivery time USPS worker part! Package was delivered because carrier scanned there not on any of those packages were uninsured been missing four! Asked to gather up your documentation so that helped a little better that it was a consumer freaking about... Lying: the package was on the USPS will scan a package via USPS to a couple hours was! 3 years late is better than never from my home follow on foot, but ’! That they are delivering within the priority mail package get delivery to wrong address me whole in way. Update 3 years late is better than never states “ individual picked up at post office the.. To agree that USPS wont cover it if tracking say delivery confirmed ’ today and usps says delivered front door but no package to my.... Seller what to think they were convinced i conned them point State in! Somewhat the same issue can restock as it ’ s worth $ 85+ i. Ve dealt with this and i ’ m mostly satisfied with USPS for the USPS will continue to look some! Will then independently and provide you with a missing mail Search, check your number! In our mailbox called your main post office and gave him my tracking was! Mail-Person re-trace their steps and knock on neighbor ’ s gift will get.! Hell, you ’ re giving people heart attacks and it wasn ’ t go down drain... T really lost long with my rant which was delivered site it was scanned delivered…the!